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Picture your life if you could move through negative emotional states quicker and with less intensity

Everybody has had some sort of struggle or stress within their family.

I separated when my girls were 11, and all of a sudden was a single parent - wow, what a shock that was! It was a long, slow process to get on top of my life again, not only for me but for the girls too. 

There were so many facets: trying to keep things as normal as possible for the girls, getting myself through the emotions of the separation (guilt, anger, “this is not the way it was meant to be”, “the girls need their dad”, etc) and dealing with the practical stuff (finances, accommodation and so on). I then had to decide whether getting a job or pursuing my business was the best idea. I decided that backing my business was the way to go, but then I actually had to make it happen. Some days it was hard. I felt so alone, and I just wanted to quit.

But I used the tools I had at my disposal (and even learned a few more to help us all through) and they worked! 

Now I am lucky enough to be able to pass them on to you.


Childhood Anxiety PDF

As a parent of anxious children myself I wanted to share what I have seen as signs that they were struggling.  Before I became aware that these things were signs of anxiety I saw them as behavioural issues and I found myself getting angry and  frustrated and feeling helpIess.  This was a problem because I really didn't know what to do about it.  
When I actually started to see these 'behaviours' as anxiety I was much more able to deal with them the way I should as opposed to my children behaving badly.  

Use the button below to get your email to download your PDF on 10 ways childhood anxiety shows up that doesn't necessarily look like anxiety.

Giving you the tools to take control of your life

Do you need something that is right there ready for you to use when you need it?

Here you can get a flower essence blend either off the shelf or made especially for you which will offer emotional support to every family member in a safe way.  

Empowering Families

I’m Leanne from Head to Toe, based in Pirongia, Waikato, New Zealand. I love to support other families toward living their best lives and coping with day to day struggles. I am all about empowering you as parents, to get your family through in the best possible way. There are several ways I can help. You can work with me over the phone, via zoom, or in person - so please don’t worry if you are not in my area. Contact me here. 

I understand, better than some, what it’s like to feel isolated, helpless and completely at my wit's end while trying to be a good parent. It's one of the loneliest feelings: to want to help your child through their pain, but have no idea how or where to start, and often no one to talk to who understands.

We can work together to give you tools which you need to help you and your family.

Do you want to have a tool you can pull out any time for anything?  EFT is what you need to learn, it can be used for anything and everything from stress and anxiety to pain and insomnia. It might look funny but if you are anything like me you will use it often to support your family in many different ways.  Find out more below.

Baby and Child Massage

Did you know learning to massage your baby/child will help you to no longer feel that helpless feeling? 

 You can learn to massage your baby/child to give them all the love, support and attention that they need.  Find out more below. 

Our Clients

Head to Toe empowers parents with the confidence and support they need to no longer feel overwhelmed or isolated. Hear from a few of our clients below.

Hi Leanne….I just wanted to say thank you for all the amazing support you have offered to me and my children over the last few years.  What started with a couple of appointments for some foot mobilisation has grown into many visits for massage and also flower essences.  We have had so many good results using your flower essences….. and your ability to find the right combination when making up the customised ones for myself and my girls just blows me away.  It is interesting that my girls are pretty in tune now too with when they need some essences and will say to me oh Mum I think I will take my “spray” with me.  Your dedication to our health and well-being is just amazing and I feel so lucky to have made that first appointment to see you.  So once again thank you from the bottom of my heart!  

Warm regards, Jenni

Leanne has been a rock when my family has experienced difficult situations.  I have been able to talk confidentially with Leanne, she is the best mix of compassionate and professional. I will continue to use Leannes services and I am confident in recommending her expertise to others. Thank you so much Leanne for using your passion and knowledge to benefit the people I love so much.


I was recommended to Leanne by a few mutual friends and have now been seeing her for 6 months for regular treatments. The guidance and the support she has given me has allowed me physically and mentally to make positive changes to my life.

She is a great listener and I strongly encourage you to give her a call.



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