Baby Massage

Simple to learn with great benefits

The strokes are simple to learn but the power of the massage is actually doing the massage and taking the time to connect with your little one. I will take the time to make sure you have a good understanding of the strokes and the benefits as well as knowing how to use the strokes as your child grows.  You can continue to use massage as your child grows they always need that connection and place to belong. This training is a deep dive into massage and how it can help your family.

Benefits for Baby

Baby massage is the most amazing thing you can do for you children. It will help with the bonding process, it will help with minor illnesses they suffer with like colds, congestion, headaches, growing pains. It will teach your child that people only touch them when they say it is ok, it will also teach your child how to relax, (this is not something we all naturally now how to do) and it helps with better sleep.  

Benefits for Parents

There are plenty of benefits for parents as well like connecting and understanding, getting to spend time with your baby and relaxation, both mum and baby will experience the release of oxytocin (the love hormone)……and don’t forget its great fun.

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Our baby massage sessions are taught over two one-hour sessions so you get the opportunity to give it a go at home and come back to me with any questions or concerns.

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