Flower essences

A flower essence blend is a safe gentle and effective way of managing emotions for those in your family.  They are usually used as in oral spray form and can be used as you need them for almost immediate relief from things like stress, worry and fear or they can be used to help you with personal growth and a deeper understanding of the thoughts and feelings you experience and why.

Premade Blends

I often hear, ‘Oh yes, someone made me a blend years ago but I have never thought of using it for this situation’ or ‘I used Rescue Remedy when I was at university but I didn’t know flower essences were something I could use for this.’ This is exactly why I carry this range of 11 premade blends.

Flower essences are an oral spray which is safe for the whole family, from babies through to the elderly - even your pets!

These 11 flower essence blends will cover most of your general family stresses, and are a great tool to have on hand. I found that each of my children had a certain way of dealing with things, and having the blend that fits their way is really useful.

Personalised Blends

Getting a Personalised Blend: The process involves a 1-hour consultation. During this consultation, we’ll discuss questions like: How is life right now?  How would you like your life to be?  What are the things that are currently getting in the way of this happening?

Based on your individual needs, a personalised blend of around 6 flower essences will be selected (occasionally it can be a few more).  These will work gently to address the beliefs, thoughts, habits and feelings that you may be struggling with.

They can be done in person, over the phone or via zoom, if you are doing an in person. If we are meeting in person you will take your blend with you otherwise I will send it out to you

How To Use Flower Essences

Flower essences are really easy to use and have no cautions, therefore are safe for the whole family from the elderly to the wee ones and even our animals.  They are most commonly used as an oral spray or drops but can be put into lotions and rubbed on the skin or put into anything you are drinking (they will not alter the taste at all).  They can also be rubbed on pulse points or even just spraying them around the room can be beneficial.

When To Use Flower Essences

Flower Essences are all about emotional support.  I don’t know about you but when I am stressed I feel tight and sore, so although they do not have a direct impact on a physical level they can help you to feel better both emotionally and physically. 

The essences offer support  for both everyday stresses and worries that we all experience from time to time, and also with personal growth or releasing old habits and patterns.
Everyday stresses - Flower Essences can be used to ease stress, worry, fear, anxiety, anger, shock with these sorts of things the right blend will bring about almost immediate relief, you can take the appropriate blend to ease these feelings as they come up and they can be used for as long and as often as required.

Personal Growth - Flower Essences can also be used to bring about change within ourselves, our confidence and the way we see things. For this sort of thing I suggest you take your prescribed essence blend several times a day for a month and as time goes on you will look back on things you have done and said and you will find they will be different. Things that in the past would have caused an emotional response may no longer bring about that response.


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