When Siblings Fight

Grumpy Kids & Feeling Overwhelmed Or Lost As to What To Do!      Struggling To Stay Calm While The Family Goes Through Their Ups and Downs!

How amazing would it feel to be able to pick your battles or let things go that really don't matter?

We all know siblings fight and wouldn't it be freeing to just know that, and only get involved when really necessary?

I have two kids and like most siblings they either get on really well or OMG they really don't.  I have tried to pull them apart while fighting but they just find their way back together to finish their fight.  I have yelled and threatened, all to no avail.

In the end all you can do is keep yourself calm and only get involved if you really have to.  In that moment of overwhelm and feeling like there is nothing you can do a flower essence blend can help you to feel a sense of calm and keep things in perspective.  It can even help the kids to feel calmer and manage themselves better.

In this place I would ensure 'Indian Pink' flower essences is in my blend since I know I struggle to stay focused and calm while there is a lot of activity noise and business going on.

If this is your response it will help you too, if yours is different I have another 119 essences to choose from and we will find what works for you.  Contact Me


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