Borage Flower Essence

Blue flower are about spiritual uplifting and moving through the tough times!

Borage is one of those! 

Borage is as essence which will support you during a time of grief or when you are experiencing heavy heartedness, although that heavy feeling does not need to be sitting in the heart you could be experiencing it anywhere in the body.

At a time of grief, sadness or other struggles the heart can start to feel tense, heavy, contacted or closed off, leading to a heavy type of feeling perhaps like discouragement or a disheartened feeling.  If we are wanting to move through this state we need to understand that it is not useful to suck it up, be strong or just get over it.  Rather we need to experience those feelings knowing that we have a buoyancy or resilience that will mean we feel those feelings and then move from those feelings.

Borage will help with that experience and will bring about more lightness, optimism and courage.

You will find the Borage essences in the Light Heart blend or it can be put into a personalised blend just for you. Message me to book a Free 15 Minute Clarity Call and we can discuss your needs.


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