Six Ways Flower Essences Can Help In Your Family

Having A Family Is Tough

You are a Mum. You were so looking forward to this experience and It’s just not what you expected.  You knew it would be hard, you knew you would be sleep deprived, you knew there would be children fighting, you knew things wouldn’t get done. Right.  Yes you knew this so why does it all get to be too much?  Why does it feel so overwhelming s so much of the time?  Why do you feel like you aren’t doing a good job?

First of all I just want to say all of these are completely normal.  They are normal human emotions.  No parent feels great all the time.  You don’t have to pretend, its ok to have a bad day, to sit and cry if you want to.

Having said that these emotions and feelings are normal, we do not want to be stuck in them, they do not need to rule us.  Throughout my journey as a parent I have used flower essences to support not only myself but my children as well, through those perfectly normal but incredibly tough times.

Flower essences are safe gentle remedies which effectively manage emotional ups and downs.  I will make a blend of around 6 essences which suit you and you alone.  Flower essences are usually taken in orally.  Flower essences are designed to help you help you understand and transform negative thoughts and feelings as opposed to suppress them.  So to sum up I will make you your very own personalised rescue remedy (yes rescue remedy is a flower essence blend).

Below are some of the ways flower essences can help you to get through those times.

Loneliness, you have worked up till now and all of a sudden it’s just you and the children, all day, no adult company, all day.  It’s a real struggle.  Use Honeysuckle when you feel you would rather be back in your job it just seems somehow more appealing or Buttercup when it feels there is just no worth in the domestic role you just feel you were meant for more than this.

Jealousy, your children are constantly fighting about how unfair it is, how the other always has more/better.  They just can’t get on at all.  It worries you doesn’t it!  For the children use Holly to support them through the sibling rivalry or jealousy of each other.  For you some Red Chestnut which will help you to have positive thoughts and release the worry and concern you feel about the jealousy.

Anxiety, it’s the first day of daycare/school/off to a first sleepover.  It should be an exciting time for your young one but they are so worried.  Goldenrod is for if you child is worried about not being liked or approved of, or perhaps they struggle to be themselves in a group.

Grief, someone close has passed away a grandparent, family friend or a pet, someone in the family is feeling weighed down by it they just feel so sad.  Oh no what do you do.  Borage will help with the heavy hearted feeling and allow the return to joy.

Sleep, no one is happy if they are missing out on a good sleep.  It’s so important isn’t it. Two fantastic options are  Chamomile to calm the emotional upset, this is great to relax children at bed time and White Chestnut to quiet those repetitive thoughts, those things that go around and around in your mind.

Shyness, don’t you wish you could help your shy child the one that stands behind you and won’t speak to anyone.  Mallow will support them in being able to share their thoughts, ideas and trust others in a social situation.

If you can relate to the examples that I have given and want to support your family, check me out here https://www.headtotoeforfamilies.co.nz/ or send me a message to book your free 15 minute clarity call to see how flower essences can help.


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