Make Massage Part of Your Self Care

The Benefits of Massage in Self Care

Many of us make new years resolutions or plan to do new things from the beginning of a new year.  Often it will be self care things that people want to start doing, things like going to the gym, eating better, more me time or family time, regular meditation or relaxation time, reading more books.  Many of us start off well and slip off the tracks as the year goes on don’t we, as life gets busy and the pressure increases it seems harder to fit it all in.

One of the things that I do for myself on a regular basis is get a massage.  I have also been doing massage for a very long time and some of the benefits I myself and my clients experience from having a regular massage includes

  • A decrease in pain and discomfort in muscles and joints
  • Quick recovery from injuries
  • Increased awareness of how their body feels, tense, sore, restricted etc
  • Reduced injuries
  • Reduction in headaches/migraines
  • Better sleep
  • A place to talk about (if you wish) and release your stressors
  • Time to relax completely
  • Time for yourself

When we get stressed we hold our muscles tight and having a massage, although it does not eliminate what stresses us it reduces the tension we hold in our muscles.  It can make us more aware of when we are feeling stressed and the impact it is having on our body.  Now who doesn’t want that, because often times we cannot avoid the stress itself.  But let me reiterate that regularity is the key, that is where you really notice how your body is feeling.

So find a massage therapist in your area and get yourself booked in and make it a regular thing.


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