The Flower Essence Ranges I Use And Why

Which Essences Do I Use?

There are now many many different ranges of flower essences out there so I want to share with you which ones I use and why I have chosen those ones to use.

I began my flower essence journey when my homeopath suggested I use them along side the remedies I was taking.  She had this amazing range of premade blends called ‘well and truly’ blends which were the ones I used initially – these are now the blends that I stock for people to purchase. As time went on she made me personal blends which I found amazing and so quick acting I could not believe it.  At this point I really had not much idea of which ranges of essences I was taking.

When I started using the essences in my work and looked into the two ranges that my homeopath used I chose to use the same ones as her. Those ranges are the bach flower range developed by Edward bach in the 1930s and the flower essences society range which they began the development of in the late 1970s.

The reasons for this included:

  • I was familiar with them as I had been using them in my family for some time
  • the bach range were so well known and have been around for a long time, the flower essence society did research these essences.
  • the flower essence society began by researching the bach range and then introduced their own essences as well.  The society has many many practitioners using the range and along side that there are people doing research on the botany of the flowers and the therapeutic effects of the essences including case studies, this is increasing their knowledge all the time.

Over the years I have had experience with many different ranges of essences as I went to different practitioners for different things and I have found them all amazing and effective.

If you would like to experience the subtle but powerful effect of these flower essence ranges then simply send me a message.


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