Social Anxiety

Social Anxiety Is More Common Than You Think

This is a type of anxiety that many struggle with, to a greater or lesser extent.

It is something that I am sure I experienced when I was young and I know for sure that my girls both experienced it in varying ways.

Here is a little bit about it:

Children experiencing social anxiety struggle with feeling self conscious which is more that shyness.  They worry about being judged by others so much that they will often just not participate, they worry about failure and fear embarrassing themselves.

Social anxiety is most common in adolescents and teens but you do find it in younger children too.  It is something that can lead to isolation and even depression.

How might you know if your child is experiencing this type of anxiety?

They may not want to speak in public or even try out for a team

They may not want to eat in public

There could be a fear of going to school

Using a public toilet could be a challenge

They may not even want to have a conversation with people

They might ask questions like ‘what if I say the wrong thing?’ or ‘what if I do something stupid?’

The children experiencing this anxiety will either avoid the situations that might put them under this stress or they will go into panic and experience sweating, shaking, racing heart or shortness of breath.

If you think your child might be experiencing this type of anxiety then flower essences can be one thing you could use to support them.  I used many different things with my girls to help them through but flower essences was definitely a big part of it.

Message me to get a blend which will help your child.


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