Getting Stuff Done While Needing A Rest!

I have been finding over the last few weeks that everything has been more of a struggle.  It’s a bit harder to get out of bed in the morning, a bit harder to motivate myself to do the things that need doing, a bit harder to do the things I know I should to look after myself even, my patience has decreased and so has that of those around me, I am sure!

We can see that the days are starting to get a bit longer now but that really hasn’t helped me to feel any better.

So what did I do to help myself…..a few weeks ago I scheduled a week off in my diary and for part of the week I stayed home and got some jobs done that I knew I needed to do, then I took a few days and went away.  I went beachside and read some books and did some meditation and qi gong and rested a lot.  I know my children are older and I don’t need to worry about them so I can find it easier to do this sort of thing and it is amazing.  But even when the girls were younger and I couldn’t just go away for a shorter time I would take myself off for a day to the bush or beach or just lie in bed for the day and rest and read. 

If your reality is you’re just not able to take time out and get away and I know that’s often just the way it is when we have young children. For you and actually for them as well we all need to take time for ourselves. So if you are able to do dinner out with a friend or a walk around the block enjoy that time, be in the moment while you do it and really enjoy it.

If finding the motivation to keep yourself going right at the moment is your challenge or if it’s giving yourself permission to take some time out then I can help you out with a flower essence blend.

Some essence you might relate to:

Tansy – for if you lack motivation, struggle with lethargy and procrastination

Cherry Plum – this will give you the strength when you are feeling unable to cope any more.

Penstemon – is the essence that will help you move forward with increased strength and determination.,

Olive – for when you are feeling exhausted mind and body but you want to feel more vitality.

I have over 100 different essences which we can select from so there will be something there for you. Send me a message and lets chat.


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