Nine Parenting Flower Essence Options

Flower Essences Support The Parenting Years

Parenting is tough and some days we just don’t feel it! Some days we would rather do anything but parent……am I right!

Parenting is one of the hardest, but in my opinion, most rewarding things anyone will do.  There is no down time, there is no lunch break and there is often not even a quick toilet break (depending upon the age of your children).

You spend a good amount of your time thinking and worrying about someone else and that can be really tough on a persons wellbing and life balance.

We are told to take time for ourselves and sometimes that is just not possible, I spent my childrens tween/teen years as a single parent so I know it is often not that simple and you can feel quite isolated, stressed, exhausted and over invested.

We can often find ourselves thinking, ‘if only this child would not do that, then everything would be fine’.  You know we only have control over ourselves!  This is a lesson I learned from my children.

Below are a few essences that can help you to feel better around your parenting:

Oak: feeling exhausted but still struggling on but want to feel more energy restored but also aware of the need to relax.

Hornbeam: feeling mental weariness but you’d like to feel more restored, strength and ready for the day ahead

Zinnia:  seeing parenting as a chore, lacking joy, spontaneity and the ability to play with your children but would like to connect better to your own inner child and really enjoy play time.

Red Chestnut: being the parent that over worries about your child and over identifies with your child but would like to let your child travel their own journey and be there to support them only when needed.

Buttercup: experiencing low self esteem about being a parent or unable to see your own inner light but would like to honour and value who you are and what you do as a parent.

Indian Pink: not feeling able to focus on a given task in a stressful time but you want to be able to have a productive day even in the busyness of parenting.

Impatiens: you tend to do things for your child as you feel they are too slow but you would like to let your child learn and have their experience. 

Centaury: you see mothering as a role of serving your child or complying with what your child wants but you would like to be able to say no when necessary and take care of your own needs as well as theirs.

Scarlet Monkeyflower:  you tend to end up in power struggles with your child and you keep a lid on any ‘negative emotions’ you might have but you would like to communicate with your child in a kind way even when you are not feeling so positive.

If any of these essences seem to fit for you just click on the message button and we can talk about a blend just for you.


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