Fabulously Feminine


Fabulously Feminine Puberty is such a challenging time, a time of moods and changes, and ups and downs. It’s an interesting time, as often when our girls go through puberty, mums are beginning the perimenopause phase - so not only kids but multiple family members are experiencing moods and physical changes.


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Flower Essences in this blend:

Beech – A useful essence when feeling overly critical, judgemental and intolerant of others due to our own sensitivities.

Cherry Plum-this essence is indicated in extreme times, with fear of losing control and desperate destructive feelings.

Pohutakawa – Helps us access the power from within, building strength, independence and providing a deep sense of awareness of self-confidence

Pink Yarrow- Helps us be more objective when confronted with confusing emotions and disharmony. Useful for those who are very sensitive to others or struggle with personal boundries.
Tiger Lily- Balances overaggressive and competitive attitudes. Tiger Lily stimulates and nurtures a strong feminine energy imparting a sense of inner peace and co-operation.

Mugwort- Is helpful when we feel out of touch with physical reality inducing irrational, hysterical or overly emotional responses.

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