Chill Out


Chill Out I don’t know a family that hasn’t experienced stress and anxiety with different members at different times.  Something as simple and regular as going back to school after the holidays can cause real stress.  Chill Out can be a life saver as it will help them to feel calmer and less worried about the upcoming event.

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Flower Essences in this blend:

Chamomile – indicated when moods and emotions are up and down. Useful when easily upset and irritable or has a tendency to feel emotions and stress in the stomach or have sleep problems.

Dandelion – this essence helps one listen to their body’s needs and ease off on overdriving and pushing tendencies and eases muscular tension.

Elm – is useful when we feel overwhelmed by duties and responsibilities and don’t feel up to the task at hand. Plagued by feeling of self-doubt which can lead to general fatigue.

Lavender – soothes, settles and calms. Great when overstimulated and wound up and has caused a headache, visual problems, neck and shoulder tension or insomnia.

Yarrow – is one of the strengthening and protective essences. It is useful when people feel extremely vulnerable to the influence of others and the environment.

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