You need to help out with an event but don’t really want to, you don’t have the time or energy but reluctantly you agree!  You use the Willpower blend to help keep moving forward and get the job done.  This blend will offer you the strength you need to push through.  It really works.

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Flower Essences in this blend:

California Wild Rose – strengthens a weakened will. Great when holding back due to fears of what may happen rather than moving forward with strength and joy.

Centaury – for those who find it hard to say no and tend to want to please or serve others, possibly neglecting your own needs. Centaury strengthens self-integrity and self-responsibility.

Mountain Pride – Assists one to be more assertive by transforming feelings of disillusionment and dissatisfaction into positive energy for change.

Tansy – helps when feeling lethargic, indecisive or indifferent. Procrastination is often a way of avoiding pressure or challenges. Tansy helps confront difficulties and negative emotions.

Sunflower – boosts self-esteem and strength, enabling one to bring out their individual personality and shine.

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