Your child calls you and tells you they had a car accident you are beside yourself with worry you have to get to them….like now. Fortunately you remember to take some SOS and you immediately feel your body and mind calm down. This is where SOS is its most powerful.  Then both you and your child take the blend for the next couple of days while we were working through what happened.

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Flower Essences in this blend:

Cherry Plum – feeling out of control with mind, body or emotions. Feeling destructive impulses toward self or others.

Clematis – is for you if you daydream because you are wanting to escape the real world, this blend will help you to become more present.

Impatiens – if you feel intolerant, irritated or impatient. Great for those who want everything done yesterday.

Red Clover – helps maintain calmness and ability to stay self-aware in times of emergency, it is very steadying. Useful if you are influenced to panic and hysteria by others.

Rock Rose – for terror, fear, panic or hysteria any emergency.

Star-of-Bethlehem – for shock or trauma, either recent or from past experience. A soothing and comforting essence.

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