Sweet Dreams


Support yourself to have a great sleep! Whether you’re struggling to snooze due to a stressful life or you just had a crazy day and you’re left replaying everything in your head, Sweet Dreams is going to offer amazing support. This blend will allow you to release those thoughts and rest well.

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Flower Essences in this blend:

Chamomile - which is useful for people who may have difficulty letting go of emotional stress at night which may lead to insomnia. These people often feel the tension in the stomach region.

Dill – is useful when people are nervous and overwhelmed due to sensory overload. People needing dill may be quite sensitive to the environment, sounds and smells.

Lavender – soothes and calms when overstimulated or nervous, useful for people who feel ‘wound up’ and experience headaches, visual problems, neck or shoulder tension leading to insomnia.

Red Chestnut – this is the essences for those who are overly concerned about others and what may happen to them, particularly loved ones, during illness, or while on trips away from them.

St Johns Wort – helps with disturbed sleep due to dreams, nightmares, bed wetting or night sweats. If you are highly sensitive or easily affected by what happens around you.

White Chestnut – Helps with those unwanted repetitive thoughts, turning off the internal chatter of events and conversations from the day. Helping the mind to relax.

This blend is useful for adults, children and babies.

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