Back To School Time


Starting school for the year is a challenge for everyone.  Children feel worry, stress, nervousness, lack of self belief, and just general doubt and concern for how the year ahead will go.  Parents worry about how their children are feeling and what they are worrying about.  I know as a parent we feel what our children feel, we worry about how they might cope with the changes ahead and we want nothing but the best for them, and sometimes that is just not the case.

A Personalised Flower Essence Blend is going to support your child through the transition back to school and you can get one for yourself too!

This package is just perfect to help the family through this time.

2 x consultations valued at $80.00 each
2 x 25ml personalised blends valued at $30.00 each
1 x 30ml sleep spray valued at $30.00
TOTAL VALUE  $250.00 

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