Chill Out Blend

Great To Have On Hand For Uncertain Times

Chill Out blend helps to calm and soothe any tension, stress or anxiety that can lead to physical complaints such as aches, pains, stomach upsets, butterflies and sleep disorders. Chill Out helps you to relax and unwind. 

It is perfect for those every day ups and downs that life sends our way.  I am writing this blog at a time that we are facing a challenging time in our world and I along with many others find Chill Out to be really useful as a tool to help stay calm during all the uncertainty.

Some examples of times you could find Chill Out useful could include studying or during exams, preparing for a big event like a wedding or upcoming arrival of a child and children returning to school after school holidays.

If you think this blend could be useful click here to find out which essences are in the blend and to get a bottle for your family.


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