Sunflower Flower Essence

The Qualities Of The Sunflower Essence

This is the essence to support you in being yourself and embrace your individuality.  It allows your inner self to shine, every human has the ability to shine like the sun…..if this is something you struggle with then Sunflower will assist in you recognising and allow the real you, your light to come forth and shine.

Sunflower helps to heal when the relationship with a father figure was conflicted or lacking during childhood.

If you have trouble asserting yourself around strong personalities, if it is tough for you to stand in your own power and speak your own needs sunflower could offer you support and if you need sunflower you could also be extravagant or arrogant and have quite an ego.

Affirmation for Sunflower Essence

I search for my true identity.

The Sun shining in my Heart is who I am.

I am this Sun-bearing, Sun-radiant Self.

You will find this essence in the ESTEEM, WILLPOWER and SPEAK OUT blends


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