Really Proud Of This Case Study

Case Study Of 21yr Old

This is a story about a young woman who has been a client of mine for many years now.  First of all with her mums support and now she is coming for my help off her own bat.

This is a 21 year old who since leaving school has not really know exactly what to do with herself.  While still at school she had a job in a cafĂ© which she continued after leaving school.  She decided to do a trip to Canada to work in a summer camp over there, so all 2019 she prepared herself earned enough money to have herself an amazing time.  Then in 2020 off she went to have a blast and make amazing memories, then 4 weeks later she returned, yep you guessed it COVID.  As you can imagine this took some getting through for her.

I helped her out through the preparation for Canada with personalised blends and taught her tapping which she also used.  Then we had her use blends again when she got home as she was not happy as this was not the way it should have gone…..understandable!

When our 2020 lockdown was over she then headed to Hastings to pick apples for the summer of 2020/2021.  She had a great time over there and met a whole lot of amazing people and had a great time.  She is not someone who loves driving and prior to this she would avoid driving but she drove herself over there.  While there she had a couple of car situations to deal with which had to navigated and stressed her out.

We made sure she had a couple of blends with her, namely SWEET DREAMS and CHILL OUT to help her through the things that happen.

When she returned from there she again struggled and found it tough to get herself into another job, she tried a few things and was just not able to stick with them.

All the while she had flower essence blends and did tapping

One day we were in a session doing some tapping and she told me nothing was shifting for her so I decided to get her to do a bit of an anger release ie hitting and punching and kicking an old foam mattress.  I had her do this until she was physically tired then I had the brain wave to get her to do some TRE (Trauma Release Exercises) the transition was so easy as her body was already fatigued so we just went into the tremoring.  I had her do this for maybe 5 minutes.  She told me later that she applied for a job that evening (something that she was just unable to bring herself to do before that) the next day she had a phone call regarding an interview and the following day she started work.

Trauma Release Exercises helped her to release the stress and tension that were sitting in her body, it helped her to begin to remove the muscle memory from the things that she saw as not going well for her. 

This was just amazing to witness, and I am so stoked to have been a part of this young ladies journey.  Now she is beginning to look forward and has ideas about what she would like to do more long term. 

Most of the processes I have used over the years with this young lady are things she can do at home herself.  The only thing that we regularly check in over is the flower essence blends she is using, sometimes in a consultation I will add in the tapping or TRE just to help her through.

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