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The Flower Essence Ranges I Use And Why

There are now many many different ranges of flower essences out there so I want to share with you which ones I use and why I have chosen those ones to use. I began my flower essence journey when my homeopath suggested I use them along side the remedies I was taking.  She had this amazing range of premade blends called ‘well and truly’ blends which were the ones I used initially – these are now the blends that I stock for people to purchase. As time went on she made me personal blends ...

February 14, 2021

Make Massage Part of Your Self Care

Many of us make new years resolutions or plan to do new things from the beginning of a new year.  Often it will be self care things that people want to start doing, things like going to the gym, eating better, more me time or family time, regular meditation or relaxation time, reading more books.  Many of us start off well and slip off the tracks as the year goes on don’t we, as life gets busy and the pressure increases it seems harder to fit it all in. One of the things that I do fo...

January 21, 2021

Six Ways Flower Essences Can Help In Your Family

You are a Mum. You were so looking forward to this experience and It’s just not what you expected.  You knew it would be hard, you knew you would be sleep deprived, you knew there would be children fighting, you knew things wouldn’t get done. Right.  Yes you knew this so why does it all get to be too much?  Why does it feel so overwhelming s so much of the time?  Why do you feel like you aren’t doing a good job? First of all I just want to say all of these are completel...

November 27, 2020

All About Foot Joint Mobilisation

What is Foot Joint Mobilisation?  It is the replacement of the bones in the foot.  There are 28 bones and 33 muscles in each foot and if anything is misaligned it has an impact on they whole body how it functions and its balance.  I often describe Foot Joint as Chiropractic for the Feet.How Do I Do It?  There are three steps to the treatment, firstly you will soak your feet in a footbath, this is simply to begin to warm the feet and relax the muscles.  Next you...

November 3, 2020

Flower Essences OR Essential Oils

Today is all about the difference between flower essences and essential oils Flower essences and essential oils are both wonderful therapies and each have a place in our health and wellbeing. They both have therapeutic value, but each are used in very different ways for very different outcomes. If you are using essential oils to get emotional understanding and changes you may not be getting the results you are after. If you are trying to heal a skin condition with flower essences it is likely ...

October 18, 2020

Borage Flower Essence

Borage is one of those! Borage is as essence which will support you during a time of grief or when you are experiencing heavy heartedness, although that heavy feeling does not need to be sitting in the heart you could be experiencing it anywhere in the body. At a time of grief, sadness or other struggles the heart can start to feel tense, heavy, contacted or closed off, leading to a heavy type of feeling perhaps like discouragement or a disheartened feeling.  If we are wanting to move ...

September 24, 2020

When Siblings Fight

Grumpy Kids & Feeling Overwhelmed Or Lost As to What To Do!      Struggling To Stay Calm While The Family Goes Through Their Ups and Downs! How amazing would it feel to be able to pick your battles or let things go that really don't matter? We all know siblings fight and wouldn't it be freeing to just know that, and only get involved when really necessary? I have two kids and like most siblings they either get on really well or OMG they really don't.  I have tried to pull the...

September 14, 2020

Sunflower Flower Essence

This is the essence to support you in being yourself and embrace your individuality.  It allows your inner self to shine, every human has the ability to shine like the sun…..if this is something you struggle with then Sunflower will assist in you recognising and allow the real you, your light to come forth and shine. Sunflower helps to heal when the relationship with a father figure was conflicted or lacking during childhood. If you have trouble asserting yourself around strong perso...

August 30, 2020

Chill Out Blend

Chill Out blend helps to calm and soothe any tension, stress or anxiety that can lead to physical complaints such as aches, pains, stomach upsets, butterflies and sleep disorders. Chill Out helps you to relax and unwind.  It is perfect for those every day ups and downs that life sends our way.  I am writing this blog at a time that we are facing a challenging time in our world and I along with many others find Chill Out to be really useful as a tool to help stay calm during all the un...

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